How does it work?



Tired of being glued to your screen? Simply place your phone under the glass jar, set your preferred distraction-free time, and press the button to initiate locking.

You have 5 seconds to change your mind before the alarm is set. After that, you will have to wait until the set time is over. 

PhoneCell has a simple and elegant design to fit your interior. You can place it in sight to initiate conversations about (over)abundant use of smartphones.

You can charge your phone while it is in PhoneCell. Simply feed your own power cable through the base of PhoneCell and connect it to your phone.

PhoneCell itself is powered by AA batteries so you can place it anywhere you like. 





Will the PhoneCell charge my phone while the alarm is set ?

You charge your phone using your own charging cable. There is a gap in the bottom of the PhoneCell through which you can connect it to your phone. This way your phone will be charging, even when it is locked in PhoneCell.


Can I still receive phone calls and messages while my phone is locked?

Yes, you can. PhoneCell does not block the signal. You can decide to set your phone to airplane mode or switch it off before placing it in PhoneCell.


So I can still see my screen and any incoming messages or notifications?

Yes you can. But if you want you can switch off your phone, set it on airplane mode, or place it backwards in PhoneCell so you cannot see the screen. A glass bell jar is usually used to store precious objects, that is why we incorporated it in our design. It invites you to put your precious phone underneath. Any tormenting you will get from seeing your screen while it is locked is part of your therapy of using PhoneCell.


Do you have any other questions?

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PhoneCell is NOT responsible for any damage that occurs when using our product. You use it at your own risk.