About us

Ingmar and Maarten have been battling phone addiction for the last 5 years. They partnered with Design Studio BananaGun to develop the PhoneCell. 

Our team has offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These are the two main cities of the Netherlands; full of buzz, development and also full of potential digital distraction.

Ingmar has a track record of developing products against phone addiction, like the successful NoPhone and Urban Periscope 

Maarten is an experienced venture builder and tech entrepreneur. He turns good ideas into reality. Marco and Wouter founded Design Studio Bananagun in 2014, and have developed multiple innovative consumer products. They partnered with Maarten and Ingmar to design PhoneCell.

This PhoneCell is not the first version. It is actually the third design iteration. Our first design, named ‘DistractaGone’ got global attention and went viral on social media. You might have seen it in one of the web articles listed below.

Unfortunately, its design was not viable for a startup like us to produce at large scale, so we had to pauze sales. But smartphone technology did not pauze...

And neither did you. 

Loads of messages and emails convinced us that we could not stop here. We had to come up with a new design to serve everyone in need, because in the two years that passed, the problem had only gotten bigger. 

May this new and improved version of PhoneCell serve you well. Let’s change the world for the better, let’s learn to let go of your distractions. PhoneCell. Rest well.


Wenslauerstraat 310
1053BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands